Confluence Informatics

Bringing together diverse disciplines, principles and practices to revitalize the experience of care and improve quality of health.


Confluence Informatics seeks to transform healthcare through a confluence of cognitive science, interaction design and information architecture.

Current Systems of Care are
Underpowered and Inefficient

No framework for integrated care planning
Poor patient engagement and 'resource-community' collaboration
No management or orchestration of resource allocation

Confluence Informatics is focused on "last mile" phenomenon of care to attributed populations: enhancing the power and efficiency of care to effect positive and productive change in the quality of health of individuals.

Confluence Informatics has developed two patent-pending applications to:

  • Advance shared decision-making and improve compliance with evidence-based best practices for quality of care and quality of health and
  • Orchestrate and optimize resource-allocation for care plan goal achievement

Patient-Centered Care Planning

Resource-Managed Care Delivery


For more information about Confluence Informatics, our model for Systems-based Practice, the MetaCare Care Planning Platform or Resource-Managed Care Delivery, please contact:

Steven Merahn, MD, CEO
Email: smerahn(at)
Tel: (646) 770-3605

For any general inquiries, please contact smerahn(at)

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